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Northeastern cities set to harvest renewable energy from their water networks thanks to new partnership

InPipe and G. A. Fleet will begin showcasing HydroXS® systems at national water and wastewater conferences, beginning with ACE in Toronto, June 11-14, 2023.

San Francisco, May 23, 2023—InPipe Energy and G. A. Fleet have announced a new partnership enabling cities to greatly accelerate their decarbonization strategies by harvesting and deploying large stores of untapped energy found in their water pipes.

Successfully piloted on the West Coast over the last three years, InPipe’s HydroXS energy recovery system replicates the functionality of traditional control valves to generate a predictable, consistent, and substantial source of green energy. G. A. Fleet, one of the water and wastewater sector’s most established and trusted equipment suppliers, will distribute the HydroXS, which is eligible for substantial tax credits, across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. InPipe and G. A. Fleet will begin showcasing HydroXS systems at major water and wastewater conferences, beginning with ACE in Toronto, June 11-14, 2023. 

“This new partnership will undoubtedly accelerate our sales activities, but more importantly, it empowers communities across the Northeast to invest in energy and water infrastructure in a way that pays for itself and builds climate resilience,” said Gregg Semler, CEO and founder of InPipe Energy. “We’re honored to work with G. A. Fleet. By leveraging their outstanding reputation, extensive network, and unmatched expertise, we have created the second largest market for HydroXS systems in the U.S.,” Semler continued.

“G. A. Fleet has flourished over the last century by bringing best-in-class solutions to our customers, backed up by extensive field service and technical support” said David Shepard, president of G.A. Fleet. “InPipe’s innovative products appeal to our customers because they are grappling with issues like their carbon footprint, rising energy costs and grid reliability. We can quickly install, uniquely configure, and effectively maintain HydroXS systems to help meet those challenges,” Shepard added.

Since April, the HydroXS has qualified as an eligible resource for tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA), in some cases encompassing more than 50 percent of project costs. Installed either side of a traditional control valve, HydroXS systems assume control functions to offer precise pressure management and flow control. In addition, they reduce water loss and system wear by deploying smart-control technology for real-time data collection and verification. While traditional control valves turn excess pressure into heat and noise, InPipe systems convert it into renewable energy that utilities can deploy to power local facilities or return to the grid. All HydroXS models are complete end-to-end systems that boast a proven track record of success in Oregon, Washington and California.

About InPipe Energy

InPipe Energy is on a mission to help the world practically and economically decarbonize by creating new clean energy resources from existing water pipeline infrastructure. Our flagship product, the HydroXS combines micro-hydropower technology with controls that are easily integrated into existing or new infrastructure to harvest excess water pressure and convert it to clean, low-cost electricity. InPipe Energy provides a turnkey process to support water managers eager to be more efficient, sustainable and resilient. InPipe Energy works with utilities to secure funding to cover the cost of these projects. For more information or to receive your water systems, energy generation, and carbon reduction assessment, visit

About G.A. Fleet

For over 60 years, GA Fleet has been providing water system products and systems to Municipal, Institutional, Transit, and major Commercial clients throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  Our goal is to provide customers with the most reliable, efficient, and longest lasting products, backed by our industry best technical and field support. With over 130 engineers, technicians, and sales and support staff, we represent the most prestigious brand names and state-of-the-art product lines. Our mechanics and technicians, as well as our Service Sales, Parts and Inventory, Portable/Rental, and Service Contract departments, are in place to provide rapid support for both routine and emergency service needs.

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