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Water and electricity are more related than most people realize. Because now, in-conduit energy recovery system technology—essentially, tiny power plants—can harness the flow of water through existing pipes to efficiently generate power. The same pipes carrying water to cities, towns , factories, and office buildings, can power those very same places.

Combat climate disruption.

Water utilities everywhere face climate disruption that is threatening the reliability of energy needed to deliver clean and safe water and also contribute to the ever-rising cost of energy. At InPipe Energy, we help water utilities to provide a safe and secure water supply and low-cost electricity which helps you become more resilient, reduces the impact of climate change and provides you new capital to reinvest to improve your operation – it’s all possible with the HydroXS® from InPipe Energy.

The HydroXS® Energy Recovery System by InPipe Energy.

Now there’s a way for water utilities to generate an abundant, predictable, and secure source of renewable energy from water pipelines. The HydroXS presents a future where clean energy is as abundant as clean water while also bringing more control and efficiency to water management than ever before. And it’s safe and dependable.

Success Stories.

Watch these videos to see how InPipe Energy Recovery Systems have already
made a difference for two communities.

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Hear from the city of Hillsboro who partnered with InPipe Energy.

One Oregon city successfully installed an InPipe system that now converts excess water pressure into electricity to help power one of the state’s most-used stadiums.

Hear from water Utilities about turning wasted pressure into clean energy.

InPipe Energy CEO Gregg Semler and two water utility managers who’ve successfully implemented InPipe Energy systems, discuss how they made their decisions, the results, and more.

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Take advantage of new government funding.

In 2022, the US Federal Government enacted the historic Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) that covers up to 50% of project costs for installing HydroXS energy recovery systems for water utilities, cities and municipalities. InPipe Energy can help you get started.