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Water, the world’s most undervalued resource.

InPipe Energy believes in a future where clean energy is as abundant as clean water. Water is often taken for granted because it’s cheap and plentiful just as it’s underappreciated for its potential to generate reliable energy.  At InPipe, our favorite question is, “What if” we can produce renewable energy from existing or new water pipeline infrastructure – realizing that a majority of U.S. and worldwide energy comes from nuclear and fossil fuels? What if we can ensure energy that’s both predictable and consistent? And what if we can do all that without harming the environment? 

We can and we have.

We’ve made it our mission to realize this potential with a proven solution that is reliable and safe – with configurable sizes which are easy to install and deploy.  Since it’s ecologically friendly, there’s a quick permitting process. Clean, distributed baseload power to offset your fossil sources or compliment intermittent renewables, add resiliency, and reduce non-revenue water.

Leadership Team.

At the nexus of water and energy exists a substantial opportunity to impact climate change and ensure water flows in the event of disruption—it takes a seasoned, experienced team to not only seize this opportunity, but share it with the world.

Technically savvy with decades of experience working in the energy and water industries, our leadership team has a long successful track record in commercializing energy projects for water companies.

Gregg Semler.

Founder and CEO

Gregg is a veteran entrepreneur with extensive experience in the clean energy and water sectors. Since 2000, he’s led efforts to commercialize new products into the energy and water markets. In 2016, Gregg founded InPipe Energy after seeing an untapped opportunity to create a new source of renewable energy from existing water pipeline infrastructure. He has significant experience bringing innovative products to the market, raising corporate and venture capital and leading teams.

Columbia University, B.A.
Tuck School of Business (Dartmouth), M.B.A.

Mickey Connor, PE.

Director of Engineering

Mickey is a licensed Principal Engineer (PE) with more than 15 years’ product development and engineering experience having spent time at small startups as well as Fortune 500 companies, such as General Electric (GE) Water. He also works as a USPTO patent agent and has filed 12 patents himself.

University of Michigan, B.S.
San Diego State University, M.B.A.


Operations Manager

John brings 20+ years’ experience in operations, manufacturing, supply chain, and project management. He is focused on driving operational efficiency for each project, from bid to installation. John brings an in-depth understanding of international supply chains, in-house manufacturing & contract manufacturing, product scaling, and project management from his time working in the water industry. He has his BS in Recreation Administration from Chico State as well as his MBA from Texas A&M.

California State University Chico, B.S.
Texas A&M, M.B.A


Principal Engineer

Tommy, a mechanical engineer, brings more than 10 years of experience in the energy and water sector having worked in engineering, product development, field service, product commissioning, and project management.

University of Texas at Austin, B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology, M.S. Mechanical Engineering

Richard Klann.

Vice President, Finance

Richard is an experienced financial executive with over 15 years’ experience in Corporate Finance, Accounting & M&A for renewable energy. 
Richard was VP of Finance & Accounting at Panasonic and a renewable energy startup focusing on power production and biofuels.

California State University, Fullerton, B.A. Economics & Political Science

Business Development

For more than 20 years, David has helped commercialize renewable energy technologies working in a variety of capacities for renewable energy developers, including PPM Energy, Cycle Power Partners and Energy Unlimited.

Columbia University, B.S.
Stanford University, M.S. Engineering
Harvard University, M.B.A.


Sales Manager

Kyle is a natural born leader with 6+ years leading sales teams in the water & wastewater markets. He is particularly skilled in the development of site-specific solutions for municipalities, engineers, and contractors.

Walla Walla University, B.S. Industrial Design
Southern Oregon University, M.B.A.

Hear from Gregg Semler.

InPipe Energy founder talks about creating energy from water while improving aging infrastructure, power neighborhood and the world.

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