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InPipe Energy highlights World Water Day by generating renewable energy and saving water from existing infrastructure

New control valve technology that generates renewable energy and provides water loss control while reducing carbon emissions

San Francisco, March 20, 2023 – InPipe Energy® is joining the United Nations in accelerating global change during World Water Day 2023. Where there is production, consumption, or loss of water, energy is consumed and greenhouse gasses are created. This all impacts the climate.

Water that is lost after treatment but before consumption is particularly distressing and costly. Emerging products that control water loss while creating energy are the solution many communities are choosing when they are determined to take constructive action.

“Imagine a world where we can reduce existing leaks and prevent future water loss, create clean energy, and decarbonize the water industry at the same time, with little or no cost to communities,” said Gregg Semler, founder and chief executive officer of InPipe Energy. “Our solution, the HydroXS® combines the standard way cities manage water with an energy recovery system to make the process more efficient, sustainable, and resilient. And, now, with new federal funding, we can help front line communities, those most at risk to climate change, to access funding to upgrade their water and energy infrastructure,” he added.

The United Nations and World Water Day shines the spotlight on ways to use smart water initiatives to accelerate the positive impact on UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 6, for clean water and sanitation. InPipe Energy supports this goal by managing pressure more effectively, with real-time operational data, while generating clean, low-cost renewable energy.

The capability for data management, the water savings, and the carbon emissions reduction of the HydroXS are all compelling, and the United States government is providing funding for up to 60 percent of the costs, with direct payments available for tax-exempt communities.  The source of these funds stems from the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) and other incentive programs that are only available for renewable energy projects deploying products like the HydroXS.

InPipe Energy speeds up the approval and installation of these hydroelectric energy generating products by assisting their customers in securing available government funding. Multiple successful projects are ongoing, and in the state of Washington, the funds generated by the renewable energy are used to power EV charging infrastructure at a local high school. InPipe Energy is passionate about supporting water utilities in providing a safe and secure water supply, decarbonizing the water industry, and making water accessible to everyone. This helps communities become more resilient, reduces the impact of climate change, and provides utilities with the capital the need to reinvest for upgrading infrastructure and improve operations.

About InPipe Energy

InPipe Energy is on a mission to help the world decarbonize by creating new clean energy resources from existing water pipeline infrastructure. Our flagship product, the HydroXS combines micro-hydropower technology with controls that are easily integrated into existing or new infrastructure to harvest excess water pressure and convert it to clean, low-cost electricity. InPipe Energy provides a turnkey process to support water managers eager to be more efficient, sustainable and resilient. InPipe Energy works with utilities to secure funding to cover the cost of these projects. For more information or to receive your water system, energy generation, and carbon reduction assessment, visit

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