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Climate impact study shows InPipe Energy outperforms all other clean power alternatives

HydroXS® harnesses flowing water in pipelines to make renewable energy and reduce carbon more efficiently than wind and solar

San Francisco, February 21, 2023 — There is a high price to pay for clean water. It may be the most important resource on Earth, but the processing and delivery of water uses an enormous amount of fossil fuel-based energy.

InPipe Energy® developed the HydroXS to produce a new source of renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions by harvesting wasted pressure used in the conveyance of our drinking water systems. A third-party life cycle analysis and energy climate impact study conducted by Boundless Impact, a leading impact investing consultancy based in New York, states that InPipe’s HydroXS outperforms all other distributed clean power alternatives.

The Boundless Energy Climate Impact Report concluded that the consumption of energy and generation of greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions can be dramatically reduced using the InPipe Energy HydroXS system. The report further concluded that InPipe Energy has the lowest costing electricity and emits 35 times less greenhouse gasses (kgCO2E /kWh) when compared to similar renewables using commonly applied social and environmental impact metrics.

For many utilities, energy is their second highest expense, representing 40 percent of their budget and produces an enormous amount of carbon. At full global deployment of InPipe’s technology, 1.75 giga tonnes of CO2e could be removed from the planet per year, which is the equivalent to avoiding driving 4,300 billion miles.

“InPipe Energy brings a new weapon in our arsenal for battling climate change,” said Ibrahim AlHusseini, founder and managing partner of Full-Cycle Climate Partners. “The HydroXS performs a necessary function by managing water pressure and flow, and it converts it to renewable energy, reducing costs and carbon emissions. This is inherently a very low cost, predictable, and dispatchable source of renewable energy. We are thrilled to be a part of InPipe Energy’s growth and we see a future where water pipelines are used to build energy and water resilience in cities around the world,” he added.

Resource resilience is buoyed when using water and excess pressure that already exists to generate renewable electricity, plus strides can be made to reduce carbon emissions and address climate disruption. With an impressive ROI, reduced energy bills for customers, and now the financial incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act, the cost for a HydroXS renewable energy project will never be lower than it is today.

About InPipe Energy

InPipe Energy is on a mission to help the world decarbonize in a practical and economical manner by creating new clean energy resources from existing water pipeline infrastructure. Their flagship product, the HydroXS combines micro-hydropower technology with controls that are easily integrated into existing or new infrastructure to harvest excess water pressure and convert it to clean, low-cost electricity. InPipe Energy provides a turnkey process to support water managers eager to be more efficient, sustainable and resilient. InPipe Energy works with utilities to secure funding to cover the cost of these projects. For more information or to receive your water systems, energy generation, and carbon reduction assessment, visit

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